PICKLEBALL at Bowen Creek


Bring Your Team

Colleagues, Departments, Co-Workers, Leadership, Boards – diverse groups of people who, really, want to accomplish great things together. Help your team accomplish more by practicing preparation, focus, communication, strategy, helpfulness, and encouragement…skills that can be learned without working at all!

Have Fun Without Judgement

This is not your high school gym class or the dreaded games at a company picnic! Pickleball is the fun, accessible sport that is sweeping the globe. The excitement of learning new skills together is portable…and your team members will bring the stories – and the confidence gained – back to work.

Find Enthusiasm and Empathy

Laughter while learning helps you find joy while searching for solutions. Recognizing the talents and needs of others, and leveraging those recognitions to achieve success, will propagate satisfaction and fuel customer loyalty.

Return Inspired

Inspiration is found in life outside of work – learn about your colleagues away from the desks and accomplish great things together!

Start Today!

Contact Paul Mercier, USAPA Certified Coach, Director of Instruction at Pickleball at Bowen Creek.

Call 716-480-1908 to arrange your customized team experience.

PICKLEBALL at Bowen Creek
  • Call 716-480-1908 to arrange your customized experience.
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